LLP-Leonardo da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation Project with following participants:

Renewable Energy from the Ministry of Energy (Turkey)

Gazi University Law Department (Turkey)
OSTİM – Organized Industrial Zone (Turkey)
Centre of Renewable Energy Sources and Saving – CRES (Greece)

University of Oradea, Department of Energy Engineering (Romania)
Szenzor Hungaria Kft. (Hungary)

BME Department of Energy Engineering (Hungary)

The goal of TECLENERGY project is to help dissemination of energy efficiency and renewable energy resource utilizaton measures in Turkey. These topics are very popular nowadays all over the world. Turkey with its natural resources attracts the investors not just from Europe but from all around the world. However Turkish market for investors seems to be different from Europeans or from others. Because of this reason, the investors hesitate to invest. Moreover energy sector attracts innovations. New solutions and technologies have been coming into applications very often. Investors need to know available new technologies and procedures how to use them. This project will show the stakeholders how to use new technologies efficiently and how to satisfy the needs of energy. TECLENERGY will help them to match these technologies to Turkey from each technological, financial and legal side. The project is based on a preliminary LLP project called FIP-TREET was completed successfully in 2006. In the first step investigation of new developments in the last decade is performed. In following steps training materials are made up to date first in English and later on translated to Turkish. Project is ended with pilot trainings performed in Turkey. Further detailed informations are available at the project website: